Florida 7–17 March 2015Back

In March 2015, Jörg and I went to Florida for an early taste of summer, and also for a woodlouse meeting, to visit Hernán, and to see some alligators. On the way, we stopped at Wally and Peter's in Frederick, Maryland for two days.

Frederick & Washington

The flights to Washington on Saturday, from Bremen in Jörg's case and from Frankfurt for me, were complicated by arrival delays in Amsterdam. While the passengers from Bremen just made the connection to Washington since the plane waited for them, their luggage was left behind. In our case, it was finally delivered to Frederick about 35 hours later, i.e. around 2 AM in the night before Monday. Other than that, we had two relaxing days with Wally and Peter watching large amounts of snow melt during the first sunny days of spring. On Monday, we drove in to Washington D.C. to drop our luggage at Union Station for the overnight trip to Orlando on Amtrak's Silver Meteor. Unfortunately, it turned out that the train had just been cancelled due to an accident down the line in North Carolina. However, the helpful staff of the "Club Acela" lounge helped us book flights to Orlando for the next morning, which were still affordable. After a little walk from the station to Lincoln Memorial and back, we thus spent the night in a hotel room paid for by Amtrak, instead of a roomette on the train, and were still able to make it to Orlando with only little delay compared to the original plan.



We arrived in Florida on Tuesday, at Orlando Airport. The first task was to collect our rental car, which turned out to be a Ford Mustang, as hoped for. We then explored the little Wildlife Drive at Merritt Island before heading to Anthony and Tia in Melbourne, who were to be our hosts for two nights. On Wednesday, we explored a bit of the surroundings of Orlando. On Thursday, we first went sailing on the Intracoastal Waterway with Anthony before driving down to Miami in the afternoon/evening, including a few unintentional detours on Miami's crazy highways with their crazy drivers. Over the next days, we explored Miami Beach, the Everglades, and the Florida Keys from our base in Florida City. On the following Tuesday, we flew back on Delta from Miami via Minneapolis and Amsterdam to Bremen/Frankfurt.